Save More. Negotiate. Buy In Your Price Range.

Search for your product and if you like it, commit offer and pay what you want.

No need to browse through many websites to find a better deal.

We offer introduction to the seller by email and also shipping/ payment option.

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Sell More. Negotiate. Increase Conversion

We don’t want buyers to go to other websites for better price.

You have a minimum cost we do not want you to go below that. You will be able to negotiate when the buyer is serious.

We will save you time when buyer is not serious and offers too low price.

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Finalize a deal at your time with our software based negotiation. In-person or online. No need to meet a seller. Our voucher will have all details.

For Buyers
Search for a product in our catalog.
You can search or filter our products based on your needs. You can see the product details page.
Commit Price or Finalize a Price
Commit your offer and hope the seller agrees to your price. Most sellers are OK to sell little lower. Negotiate via email if needed.
Finish Formalities
You will have either an introduction option (you will see a voucher by email) or payment to us option (taxes and shipping cost included).
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For Sellers
Register/Log In
Sellers can register on our site and will login to manage everything.
Upload a product to sell (make it a deal)
which we can display to the buyer with a price range. You can negotiate with a buyer when the buyer is serious.
Get Leads & Finalize Formalities
Once buyer closes a deal (or purchases your product meeting your price), meet the buyer for delivery and payment or ship the product to the buyer. We will send you shipping cost and payment directly once you fulfill the order.

Why buy from us?

Buy Anytime/Anywhere

Visit a seller or purchase online anytime and do everything required. No time constraints anymore.

Negotiate Using Our Software

Negotiating the best price is an art. We make it easier for you to haggle/ bargain a best price for you as long as seller allows us to sell in a range.

No Need to Meet a Seller

We understand that facing a salesperson is a daunting task. We make buying remotely a breeze and you don’t have to meet anyone. Of course, you can meet a seller if you want to.

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